LTC retreat 2016, Lester Prairie, MN


This past weekend, we held our first (hopefully) annual LTC retreat at South Fork Farm in MN.  It was hosted by Linden Leaf and attended by 13 letterboxers from all over the country.  It was such a great success that there was already talk of holding another event in Michigan next year.

Before our event, I wrote letters to more than 20 of our favorite companies and I requested goodies for us to check out and test during the retreat.  My blog page will be updated in the following weeks with reviews and photos of the things we were given and what we made.  Our sponsors are listed below.

Speedball    view my blog post HERE

Plaid     view my blog posts HERE and HERE

Blick Art Materials and Pacon Corporation view my blog post HERE

Golden Artist Colors view Florida Four’s review HERE

Canvas Corp Brands view my blog post HERE


During the retreat, many of the attendees gave demonstrations of their favorite processes and techniques.  They have been kind enough to let me share them.

Wise Wanderer’s Wintergreen Essential Oil Transfer

Needle Carving

Twofreetimers’ Diecuts, embossing and embellishing small stamps



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