Centralia, PA

Chiefk, Evie (my Belgian friend) and I decided to take a road trip to Centralia, PA.  Centralia is a ghost town due to a coal mine fire that has been burning underground there since the 1960s.  They say the fire will burn for another 250 years before it runs out of fuel.  There are a few residents there that are allowed to live out their lives in Centralia and then their houses will get turned over to the state.  Centralia was also the inspiration for the video games and movie Silent Hill.

The ground in Centralia is a bit unstable due to the fires and some places have gasses that come out of the ground.  For this reason, many areas have signs that forbid trespassing.  This doesn’t seem to deter anyone from having a look around or from having some redneck fun on the Graffiti Highway.  The Graffiti highway is a piece of abandoned road that was closed because they couldn’t keep up with the constant repairs.  We spent most of our time in Centralia there, dodging ATVs and checking out the graffiti.

After exploring the Graffiti Highway, we went to get a letterbox and then went on to see the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The church and its cemetery are still in use.


On the way home from Centralia, we stopped at the World’s largest pothole.  We got there at dusk, but I did get one photo.  Good stuff.  🙂



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