A creepy clue for you?

“We will remain lost, wandering souls until we can look each other in the eye and smile.”
Marty Rubin

Perhaps you like to explore?  Maybe you have an open mind?  If you have both and a slightly brave disposition, I invite you to explore the greenest of neighborhoods around.  You may even be surprised by what you find there.

I found a friend or two in this fascinating old place.  Some seem to like it there so much that they want to stick around.  Indefinitely.   My friend Abby was particularly welcoming.  She let me right in to take a few photos.  She told me about her life with Charles and her farm on the south side of the Susquehanna with gorgeous views of Hiawatha Island.  She said she missed it there, but liked it here too.


Abby invited me upstairs to meet a friend of hers and sent me on my way.  It was quite a climb to the fourth floor and down the hall to the right.  Abby’s house was so large, I was worried I had taken a wrong turn.

I was lucky enough to meet some of Abby’s other friends who assured me I was good at following directions.  Mr. and Mrs. Platt encouraged me to cross the hall to meet their very sweet, but large friend.  They cautioned me to watch my step as some of the home’s floorboards had wiggled loose over the years.

When I arrived safely across the hall, I was quite intimidated by the very old, large man I found there. He quickly put me at ease by showing me his fascinating rock collection.  I found it very interesting, but quickly ran out of time for my visit.

After saying goodbye to my friend, I thanked his neighbors from across the hall and said goodbye to Abby on the way out.  I was glad I got to visit.  I was even happier when I got home and saw that the photos I took of Abby came out so nicely.



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