Blick Art Materials and Pacon Corporation


Blick Art Materials and Pacon Corporation both sent us ATC/LTC sized papers to play with.  Pacon also gave us some cute little ATC sized envelopes.  Linden Leaf divided the goodies up and we all got a few to try.

I was very happy to find that we got some pre-cut Bristol paper.  I have been using this paper for a while and I know that Florida Four often raves about it’s many uses.  The paper is a terrific weight and is the smoothest of the papers I use.  aMAZEing adventure frog and musicpals were impressed with the Bristol paper samples they received at the retreat as well.

aMAZEing adventure frog had this to say,

A world of difference between Bristol watercolor paper and the other paper I was using. Being new at watercolor, Bristol paper provides the necessary time to work and rework the colors without paper pilling. On Bristol, the colors seem to float on the surface compared to other papers where the colors become grainy, streaky, and inconsistent. Bristol papers allowed my beginner’s work to take on a professional look. Can’t wait to try the Bristol paper with other mediums.

Florida Four added,

Bristol also is great with spray inks and water-based markers. With my Distress markers and American Crafts and Tombow, i can get them to blend much better than on cardstock.

musicpals had this to add,

I learned that bristol paper is great for multiple media projects, and with watercolors.  It was nice to see that with this paper we could easily work on creating shading, blending colors, or even changing colors without the paper breaking down or pilling.

I like using Bristol for my most detailed stamps and prints as well as my layered stamps.  Since the paper is so smooth, it allows the tiniest details to not get lost in the texture of the paper.  It certainly was a terrific benefit to have them pre-cut!  I wish I had a huge supply of the ATC sized Bristol.  It would be even better if they came in colors!  Here are some of my more detailed carves stamped with versafine on Bristol ATC papers:

2016-08-31 13.03.11.png


Florida Four tried out the Textured Strathmore ATC papers.  Here is what she had to say,

These cards have an interesting dimpled texture that I think would work well with pastels, charcoal and colored pencil. I tried colored pencils and charcoal on them and enjoyed the effect. I also tried watercolors on one card, and it does not behave as a watercolor, it is more of a cardstock, buckles easily and the color can’t be worked with like it can on watercolor paper. I would suggest these for dry media, or limited wet media use.



Housepitality Hostess got to try out the envelopes.  She used them for her Steampunk Tags that I posted about in an earlier blog post.  Here is what she had to say,

The LTC sized envelopes worked PERFECTLY to slide my smaller sized TAGS into, that I made for a swap!
Using brown ink, I distressed all of the edges, so the envelopes looked aged and antiqued, to match the cards! Then by stamping off, I stamped ONE of the three men from the original stamp on the enclosed LTC Tag, as a peek of what was enclosed inside. These were an AWESOME addition to my swap, as I have never used them before, so it was fun to BUMP up these cards, with an extra level of sophistication.


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