Small Stamps, Embossing and Die Cuts

2016-08-30 14.05.22 (1)

Twofreetimers proved to be a valuable wealth of information on embellishing cards with small stamps, embossing folders and die cuts.  Adding layers and cutouts adds great depth to her cards and makes even a small stamp look fantastic.    I will share with you some of the things that she shared with us.

Her talk about diecuts included a demo of how to use an embossing machine like the one pictured above and dies like these to cut shapes for use in layering.

She also gave us a selection of things she cut out with her diecuts.  These can be used for cards or can be used as stencils.

Twofreetimers made a fantastic card with the honeycomb stencil she made and some modeling paste.  This is one of my favorite cards.  I really wish I had one.  😉


The same machine that makes the diecuts is used to emboss papers as well.  This is different than heat embossing that uses powders and a heat gun.  Machine embossing uses folders that you place paper in that are sandwiched and cranked through the machine.  This gives the papers a raised relief that can be applied as a background layer to a stamp.  I have also seen it used to emboss paper that has already been stamped.


Porras Posse showed us that you can get a similar result with an embossing folder and a rolling pin.  I was shocked.  I never would have thought of using a rolling pin to press the folder.  I tried it today.  The results aren’t quite as crisp as a machine embossed paper, but impressive none the less.

Combining all of these layers and textures can lead to fantastic cards.  Twofreetimers also showed us cards with photo backgrounds and washi tape.  The biggest thing that her demo showed is how much more interest a card can have when you add more layers and textures. I will definitely be giving my embossing machine a little more consideration when I am designing my cards.


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