Canvas Corp.

Canvas Corp

The following is a review of a few of the products given to us by our sponsor, Canvas Corporation that was provided by Linden Leaf.


Oh my goodness! This is such a cute set of stamps we received from Canvas Corp., LLC. This set of stamps works so well with others. I so enjoyed using them as background stamps for a set of LTCs. These stamps leave a very clean, crisp print. They are cling stamps and I did use an acrylic block to attach them to.


Canvas Corp., LLC also sent Glimmer Mist. I was able to play with the color Marigold. I have only used Perfect Pearls and was happy to get a chance to try the Glimmer Mist. It is so pretty and glittery. I adore yellow. Once I shook up the bottle the glimmer stayed suspended for quite some time. It seemed to spray an even amount of glimmer with each spritz and I didn’t have trouble with clogging. Some of the glimmer does rub off but not anymore than the Perfect Pearls. Did I mention that yellow is my favorite color?…sigh. 


I (LROSEM) wanted to add that I did think of another way to use glimmer mist.  I recently made a bleeding heart card that featured Vintage Pink Glimmer Mist on top of a water colored bleeding heart flower.  I tried spraying the Glimmer Mist on my entire card, but I didn’t like the effect I got with the reddish pink shimmer on the whole card.  I also wanted to make the main flower stand out a little more from the rest.  I shook up my bottle and painted the glimmer on the flower.  I suppose I could have made a mask for the card and sprayed the flower only, but it was pretty easy just to paint it on.  The effect was subtle, but I do love the way it turned out.  I would add a photo, but I cannot seem to catch the subtle shimmer effect with my camera.

Housepitality Hostess has been enjoying the rubbings that were given to us too.  They were the inspiration for some steampunk tags.  She listed a tracker with a Steampunk theme as a way to share her cards.  Her cards came out quite nice!

13653388_10209756599176383_3751100749665156420_o (1)


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