Golden Artist Colors

Golden happens to be a company that is headquartered not too far from my home.  I was  happily surprised to learn they were so close.  I was even happier when we received a ton of information on their products and some watercolors to try since most of my own cards are watercolored.  Florida Four was … More Golden Artist Colors

Canvas Corp.

The following is a review of a few of the products given to us by our sponsor, Canvas Corporation that was provided by Linden Leaf. Oh my goodness! This is such a cute set of stamps we received from Canvas Corp., LLC. This set of stamps works so well with others. I so enjoyed using … More Canvas Corp.

Plaid (continued)

As I mentioned in the first plaid post, There are many cool glazes and finishes.  The rest of this post is Linden Leaf’s description of how she uses Mod Podge Matte. Plaid sent a whole slew of products!! One of the products that I use on a regular basis is Plaid Mod Podge Matte. This … More Plaid (continued)


This blog post features a few of the products that were given to us by our retreat sponsor,  Plaid.  Their products find their way into many of the LTCs that I have both made and received.  I have been a long time fan of Dimensional Magic and the various Mod Podge finishes.  You can read … More Plaid