Happiness is grown-up WATERCOLORS!

Up until now, I have been using some old watercolors I had laying around for years.  They were kinda crummy.  The trouble is that I don’t like spending money. I bit the bullet and found some on Amazon and threw them in my cart. My dear husband took the hint and bought them.

Now, patience is not my strength. These things said they would take weeks to ship and arrive from the UK.  Today, I was happily surprised.  They came in 8 days.  My USPS order of stamps is taking longer.  Anyway, I am elated to now have grown-up watercolors. The colors are amazing.

photo 3_kindlephoto-23261554

photo 2

photo 1_kindlephoto-23311655

Now, I want to go back and re-paint all my old cards.


4 thoughts on “Happiness is grown-up WATERCOLORS!

  1. I definitely agree with you on having good quality watercolors. Also make sure you get good quality watercolor paper. Hot pressed for the smoothest, or Smooth Bristol is nice for stamping and also works pretty well for watercolor.

    I just purchased Sennelier watercolors in pan form, and eventually will replace pans with Daniel Smith tube and fill my own pans, as I learn which colors I like.


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