Two new limited edition cards

I have made some new cards.  The first was a card that I made from a stamp for the secret santa stamp exchange on atlasquest.  I “borrowed” the stamp before mailing it out to make 3 limited edition cards.  I made one for me, one for the new owner of the stamp and one for whoever gets it in the “one of a kind” swap.  This card was made entirely from things in my stash of goodies.  I started with the embossed stamp.  Then, I added a border under it.  I had some related scrapbook papers, but none of them looked right.  I kept layering things and playing, but I wasn’t happy.  Then, I remembered some vintage looking flower fabric that my mother gave me.  As soon as I pulled it out it felt right, even with the papers I was playing with.  Once I was happy with the layout, it still felt like it needed more.  So I went in to my both labeled “textures” which is mostly scraps of miscellaneous things.  I found a card of grommets I bought on clearance and never found a purpose for.  One of the larger grommets had a flower on it so I thought that would work.  I had almost put it on my card and then I noticed that there were some tiny hexagonal grommets on the card.  Ding! Ding! Ding!  Hello? Honeycomb!

Here it is:


My next card was fun.  I was watching 5 kids for the afternoon (thanks teacher conferences and half days) so I decided that I would make them wonder if I had completely lost it.  I have played with homemade gesso before.  I very loosely remembered how to make it, but I figured I would go for it anyway.

I took some white glue, white paint and baby powder and started pouring, dumping and mixing until I had something that looked like cake frosting.  Then, I took some watercolor paper and started slapping that stuff on with one of those stiff card holders.  It was good old messy fun.  My visitors were horrified.  My children ignored me and Alana complained of being bored.  Anyway, I brought out some stencils and a peacock feather stamp.  I did one page of peacock feather and gesso stamps.  The other I played with some stencils.  Then I let my papers dry.

My next step was taking my distress markers and I scribbled.  I let one of my girls help me scribble.  Then I got a really wet paintbrush and started blending and buffing.  When I was happy, I threw some salt on it for good measure.  The kids were really confused at that point, but they liked all the colors.

When that soggy mess dried, I used the salt on the pages to buff the page a bit to smooth the texture down a little.  That helped for stamping it and where the salt was left to sit during drying it gave it a little starry effect.

Then, I got to stamp.  My peacock stamp smeared on the surface of the gesso and watercolors so I embossed the stamp.  It took a few tried to get it right so I only ended up with 3 cards, one from the stencil page and 2 from the peacock feather stamp page.

Here is the result of my crazy baby powder gesso extravaganza:


This gesso technique is the same one I used on the banner of my blog.  When I made that mess, I used some hot glue to make the branches on the tree before I added the watercolors.  After I got done with the hot glue and watercolors, I buffed on some metallic ink to make the branches pop.

I want to play some more with gesso today, but I have to cut fleece for the girl scouts.  Our troop is making “cat comforters”  and felt cat toys for the shelter tomorrow.  Wish me luck on teaching 14 seven year olds to sew!


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